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SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County Gives back to Local Community

5/3/2023 (Permalink)

A picture of two volunteers and a city official On April 29, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County participated in the city of New Smyrna Beach’s Community Outreach Giveaway.

On Saturday, April 29, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County participated in the city of New Smyrna Beach’s Community Outreach Giveaway at Pettis Park for those who are still displaced from last year’s catastrophic hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

The event which began at noon and lasted until around 4 p.m., was in the city’s historic west side. Sponsored by the City of New Smyrna Beach, as well as numerous local religious affiliates and commercial businesses, the event gave away free food, clothing, and door prizes, as well as providing plenty of activities for all ages.  

Volunteers from SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County contributed to the event by raffling off four major door prizes, one specifically for the overall event, and the other three as part of their hurricane preparedness/continuing education initiative. These prizes included a solar-powered radio with an additional phone charger, and two emergency preparation backpacks (one for an adult, the other for a child) filled to the brim with items necessary for the health and safety of individuals during catastrophic storms.

These items were also carefully selected in conjunction with the city to provide continuing education for community members in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane season. Other continuing education materials provided to the public included SERVPRO’s Home Emergency Kits, which contain individually filled booklets stored together in a waterproof, plastic zipped folder to be stored in an easily accessible spot in case of emergencies. Volunteers also gave away plenty of other SERVPRO pens, notebooks, and other swag to community members who visited their tent.

The overall participation in the event was part of SERVPRO’s continuing education efforts. By playing a role in the community by providing the tools necessary to get through catastrophic events, SERVPRO is there every step of the way, helping people take back control of their lives.

Fall is in the air and Halloween is here to scare!

10/6/2022 (Permalink)

Fall Restoration This fall you can count on your local SERVPRO to service you for all your cleanings, restorations and reconstructions.

Fall is here!

The temperature is nice, the festivities are fun, and the treats are sweet!  Fleming Island isa suburb of Jacksonville with a population of 30,582. Fleming Island is in Clay County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Fleming Island offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Which means lots of trick or treating and friends giving. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island and North Bradford County want to keep you and the suburbs around the area safe and sound providing only the best water and fire damage restoration available. Bradford county Halloween and Fall Festivities Lights On 14th is running a Halloween light show, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now through Halloween night! Shows start at 7:00 PM and end at 11:00 PM. The address is 15912 NE 14th Ave Starke, FL 32091. Things are cooling down but that doesn't mean fires are heating things up. With decorations lighting our homes and pumpkins up its best we keep an eye out for fire hazards as it is very possible. If this was to happen SERVPRO is one call away right after the first responders. 

Call today at (904)429-4457

Tips when using decorations!

  • Using Electric battery lights
  • Keep decorations at least 12 inches away from open flames
  • Dried corn and decorations catch fire easily so keep them distant

 If you experience any kind of fire because of an accident with your decorations or some other reason, make sure you call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island and North Bradford County immediately.  These professionals can limit the effects of the damage and get your home back to its original condition.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

team wiping down desks in their white suit Call us today (904) 290-4040 to have your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

We are all so excited for it to be summer and to have cookouts, pool days, and gatherings with our favorite people. Let’s take a look into an update on how to stay safe and protect yourself and others from germs this summer! SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County offers premier cleaning services so we can all enjoy time together.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, our new defensive pathogen cleaning program, goes way beyond standard janitorial cleaning practices. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. With over 50 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation and decontamination, you can trust SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to bring a higher standard of cleanliness to the places we gather. During our Covid Cleanings, the chemicals we use are the same antimicrobial chemicals we use on water and mold mitigation projects. They have been proven to kill enveloped viruses and covid is an example of an enveloped virus.

What kills an enveloped virus is the dwell time of the chemical used during the cleaning and mitigation process. We offer to wipe down the contents to remove residue from the chemicals and return your home “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO will also wipe down all areas with a probability of being touched such as doors, door handles, rails, etc. We will also make sure to wipe down walls up to 8 feet tall. 

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County understands that not all businesses are the same, industrial buildings may just need hot thermal fog, while others may just need a wipe down. We ensure that the contents within your home or businesses remain safe from chemicals. Items such as papers, artwork, and electronics may be adjusted and then returned to their rightful place. 

Call us today (904) 290-4040 to have your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned and receive a shield to be posted on your front window! 

Lunch & Learn With a Local Property Management Company!

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

Earlier this week our marketing reps met with May Management, local property management, and Community Association Management firm locally here in Clay County, to go over all of the ways that SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County can help with their property restoration needs. 

It was a chance for both SERVPRO and May Management to gain a greater understanding of the service offerings, the areas of expertise, and the resources that each organization can draw upon to accomplish their goals.  It was also a relaxed atmosphere that allowed all of the participants to get to know each other on a more personal level, which allows the business relationship to begin to flourish.

The Lunch & Learn format is just what it sounds like. We provide the food & drinks, whether it's lunch or an early morning breakfast type meeting.  While we are enjoying the provided items, we have an opportunity to discuss in a relaxed and informal setting, the things that make our organizations unique, the goals we have, the services we offer, and the expertise of our teams. We also talk about what would be a good referral for either organization and how we can look for opportunities to provide these referrals, as we go about our daily routines.

Lunch and Learns are a great way to build a network of trusted business partners, which not only benefits each organization but also the customers who are provided with trusted, competent service providers.

If you are interested in participating in a Lunch and Learn, don't hesitate to reach out to our marketing department and get one scheduled in a time frame that works best for your working environment, as well as any dietary restrictions. Your organization will benefit, your customers will benefit, and you won't have to bring a breakfast or lunch that day! What could be better than that? Call and ask for a member of our marketing department today at 904-290-4040!

Do You Need Continuing Education Credits?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County hosts a Free Continuing Education Class for Insurance Agents/ Adjuster SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County hosts a Free Continuing Education Class for Insurance Agents/ Adjusters

SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/ St. Augustine Beach and South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is hosting a completely free Continuing Education Class for insurance agents and adjusters on November 18, 2021. We will also be serving complimentary lunch after the classes - so not only is the course free, but also the food! 

There will be two classes that are each two hours long: Restorative Drying for Water Damage; and Cleaning & Restoring Smoke-Damaged Contents. Since class is four hours long, attendees will receive 4 credits total!

These classes are approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for insurance continuing education credits. 

Registration starts at 8:30am, and the first class starts at 9:00am and runs until 11:00am. We will have a fifteen minute break in between the two classes, and the second class will go from 11:15am-1:15pm. After class we will serve a free lunch.

The class will be held at Office Evolution located at 12574 Flagler Center Blvd, Suite 101. Jacksonville, FL. 32258. 

So if you are an insurance agent or adjuster in need of Continuing Education Credits, these free classes are for you! We hope to see you and your office there!

Extreme Heat Safety

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know: that over the past 30 years, extreme heat has led to more deaths in the United States than other extreme weather events, like hurricanes and floods?

Clay County residents are no strangers to the heat that Florida summers bring, but other than the discomfort that comes along with high temperatures, we often forget about the side effects heat can have on our bodies. Heat affects all people, but especially the young, elderly, and sick. As Florida residents, we have a greater chance of being affected due to the high temperatures and humidity. Follow the tips below to protect yourself and your family from the high temperatures: 

Prepare Yourself Before Going Outside

  • Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing
  • Be sure to apply sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated even if you are not thirsty and limit alcohol and caffeine intake on those days.
  • Be aware and pay attention to signs of Heat exhaustion
  • Keep strenuous activity to a minimum during the hottest parts of the day (11 am-2 pm) and use a buddy system!
  • If you must go outdoors, wait until temperatures cool down or stay in a shaded area if at all possible 
  • Get trained in first aid to learn how to treat heat-related emergencies
  • Call 911 if you see someone suffering from a heat emergency!

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we specialize in fire and water restoration and mold remediation. Our highly trained technicians use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your home quickly and safely. We have been serving the residents of Clay County and North Bradford County since 2019. To schedule, a free estimate call us at 904-290-4040

Preparing Your Pets For a Hurricane

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Woman holding dog We love our furry friends like family, so when you're creating your emergency plan this hurricane season, be sure to include a plan for your pets!

While you may need storm damage restoration services for your home after a major storm hits, you should also make a plan for the safety of your family during the storm, which includes our furry friends. June is National Pet Preparedness Month, which makes it the perfect time to develop an emergency plan for your beloved pet, especially now that we are in hurricane season. Below are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your pets are prepared.

How to Protect Pets From Inclement Weather 

1. Secure Identification

 There is a chance that a cat or dog could become lost in the mayhem of a hurricane, so having proper identification to ensure that they are returned home safely and as quickly as possible is critical. All pets must be microchipped so that vets and shelters have the ability to scan the animal and quickly uncover ownership information. Along with the microchip, your pets should also be wearing a collar that has your dog's name, your name, and cell phone number. Having your contact information is useful to whoever finds your pet, they can return them without having to go to a vet clinic or animal shelter to have the chip scanned. 

2. Establish an Evacuation Plan 

When a major storm is set to hit, all animals should be removed from the home prior. Not all emergency shelters allow pets so it is best to call hotels or other types of lodging to ask about their pet policies. Sometimes in a storm situation, establishments may waive the ban on pets due to the emergency, or accept them for an additional fee. If you can not find a suitable solution, contact friends or family away from the storm zone and ask if they would allow the pets to stay with them. It is best to have multiple options in case your initial plans fall through. Remember if you are in an evacuation zone and leaving, your pet should be as well. 

3. Create an Emergency Kit 

If you and your family do need to evacuate, it is crucial to have an emergency kit prepared. Emergency kits guarantee that you have the necessary items you need to survive until you can return home. Pet kits must include food, freshwater, any medications, leashes, and carriers. If there's space, include toys and bedding to make your animal more comfortable. Have emergency supplies assembled and ready to go well before the hurricane is due to arrive.

If when it is safe to return home, you find that your home had experienced the effects of a storm, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help. Serving Clay County and surrounding areas, our 24/7/365 emergency crews are ready to respond if you suffer from water, fire, or storm damage and need restoration and reconstruction services. We are here to make it "Like it never even happened." 904-290-4040!  

Summer Grill Safety

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Family grilling, children playing away from grill SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to provide you with grill safety tips so you can grill safely all summer!

As the summer season approaches, it is important to note that the number of grill-related fires will begin to increase, peaking in July. Charcoal and gas grill barbeques are involved in more than 5,000 fires each year. To go along with that, grilling accidents resulted in almost 20,000 trips to the hospital annually. 

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to provide some steps and tips that families can use to protect their homes from fire damage and family from injuries. All while still enjoying a cookout and the home grilling that we all love! 

Before Grilling: 

  1. Clean the grill racks and grease trays. When using a gas grill, check the gas tank hose for leaks. 
  2. When setting up your grill, choose a firm, level spot that is safe and far enough away from your home, coolers, children, pets, and guests. 
  3. Always grill outside, never in your garage or near low-hanging trees and branches. 
  4. Be sure to prepare the grill carefully. When using a charcoal grill, use a charcoal chimney with newspaper, charcoal starter fluid, or an electric charcoal starter. 
  5. For gas grills- open the lid before turning the grill on. If you smell gas after the grill is lit, do not try to move it, get away from the grill and call the fire department

While Grilling: 

  1. Establish a safe zone. Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the grill while you are cooking, as well as after you serve the food due to the fact that grill surfaces may remain hot for an hour or more.
  2. Use clean, long-handled grill utensils that are in good condition. Avoid wearing loose-fitting, hanging clothing, and always wear flame-retardant mitts. 
  3. Be sure to keep the flame under control, manage flareups by adjusting the grill height, spreading out the coals, or using the grill controls. 
  4. Keep baking soda within reach in case of grease fires. Also, have a fire extinguisher nearby and watch for blowing embers. 
  5. When you are done grilling, never attempt to move a hot grill. 

Homefires can be devastating both finically and emotionally, especially due to the fact that smoke and water damage from putting out the fire, often amplify the destruction to both the structure and the contents. 

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we are trained professionals that will help you recover from devastating fire & water damage if you do suffer a structure fire, but we believe that prevention is better than a cure. However, we know that accidents happen. That is why our team of highly trained professionals are ready to respond to your emergency 24/7/365!  

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County specializes in water and fire damage clean-up and restoration services for both residential and commercial customers. For more information or to schedule a free estimate, call our office at 904-290-4040