What our Customers say...


"SERVPRO crews responded promptly to my house regarding an emergency hazardous clean up. They did an amazing job and the crew was very patient and throughly explained the entire process.I give SERVPRO of Fleming Island/North Bradford county 10/10 and plan on using them in the future!"

"I don’t know all three of the men's names that worked on my home but they were such a blessing to me and my family. They always made me feel assured in their work and they even made me laugh when I was down about my house flooding. They are an amazing group of men and the company has been amazingly patient with me and so nice. I would recommend SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County to anyone and I would definitely recommend those three men who worked so hard on my home. Thank you guys so much I wish I could do more for y’all but thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

"This place went above and beyond to make sure that we had such a great experience with them. They were diligent and professional and extremely easy to work with! I highly recommend them if you are in need of someone!"

These guys very were responsive to dry out and mitigate the affects of a long standing kitchen water leak. Quickly demolished the affected area removing contaminated kitchen cabinets and dry wall. Removed all mold. Rebuilt the kitchen "Like it never even happened." John, Jesse, Valentin and Norbert were diligent, responsive and professional! They should all get bonuses as they represented the SERVPRO brand very well.

"Valentine and Jesse did a great job with the reconstruction!"

"You have given excellent service in preventing greater damage to a property we do not live in. As absentee owners, we are grateful."

No recommendations. The Service provided was impeccable and outstanding! The Reconstruction team assigned to do our construction project were both polite and courteous. From the onset the Reconstruction team were knowledgeable, well trained, well skilled as well as top performers in the trade industry. I would recommend this SERVPRO Franchise and their staff to anyone. Thank you!

"I was very pleased with and thankful to the on-site personnel helping me during a very stressful situation"

A pipe in the wall behind the water closet cracked and leaked for an extended period of time. SERVPRO performed both the remediation and reconstruction work. They were very professional in all of their activities, friendly and easy to work with. They offered detailed estimates for multiple solutions and helped us to arrive at the best option. All employees that came to the house were also adhered rigorously to Covid-19 safety protocols. We were very pleased with their work, would use them again, and would recommend them.

SERVPRO was phenomenal! I had no clue where to begin when my house flooded, was immediately overwhelmed with the thought of how much it would cost and if insurance would cover it, and dreading how much of a nightmare it might be to get insurance to cover it. I called them after hours. They had a couple guys out within a half hour. Extremely nice and professional and went right to work without hesitation. I was very happy for their quick response because I knew the importance of drying out immediately to avoid a lifetime of mold problems in my house if it didn't get taken care of immediately. On top of great service on site, their communication with my insurance company was impeccable. I didn't have to pay a dime to have them come out, and they were immediately on top of it with my insurance company to make sure everything got covered and paid by my insurance. I can't praise their expertise or professionalism enough. I will recommend them to everyone and anyone.

"Very friendly extremely professional."

"If ever there were a company that deserved MORE than 5 stars, this would be it! I have been flooded 4 times in 4 years with 3 hurricanes and most recently with the Nor'Easter. I might be the most skeptical consumer out there after being taken advantage of by SO many businesses and people throughout these ongoing traumas. When I met David for my most recent flooding, I was initially quite wary because I believed this franchise of SERVPRO would be just more of the same that I have dealt with over these past years...... I cannot even express how shocked I was to find I was SO SO SO wrong. David and his crew treated me like family! This truly is a big name company with a small town loyalty and COMMUNITY at heart!!!! I am so grateful to have been referred to them by another very happy customer, and will forever spread the word at what an outstanding company they are. THIS SERVPRO has an owner and crew that are not only professionals and highly skilled at their trade of saving homes, but they are kind, compassionate, and full of integrity. What a rarity!!!! THANK YOU to everyone at this company for restoring my faith (and my home)!!!"

I truly cannot rave about this franchise enough. Important to note SERVPRO is a franchise so only base your decision on reviews of a specific location! That said, we had severe mold damage in our rental that we discovered after I began experiencing serious health effects. The mold was all "invisible" (behind walls, under floors etc.), so we needed experts to come help us locate the problem areas and figure out a proper remediation protocol that would not end up worsening the situation (be VERY careful who you trust to remove mold... NEVER use bleach on mold and never just cut it out yourself or you'll cause the toxins to disperse into the air even more). SERVPRO came in and quickly drew up a very specific and detailed plan for us for each problem area. They can either just do the remediation and/or the rebuild as well. They also enlist a third party for testing before and after to ensure all the mold is gone. Their office, Sarah, their head contractor, Norbert, and their project manager, Kenneth, literally went above and beyond every single step of the way. They called every single morning to let us know they were on their way and every afternoon with updates. They worked with us for any modifications or changes during the entire process and answered dozens of questions. They ensured everything was done to our satisfaction and when we had ONE small issue they completely re-did it no questions asked. They helped us every step of the way with insurance and found ways to save us money as well. I truly was sad to not have a reason to talk to their team daily anymore when everything was finished. If you ever need any remediation done, this is the company to go with! Thank you Sarah, Norbert and Kenneth for everything!

"You folks did a good job. I don't ever want to see them again but, if necessary, I would call and feel good about the response."

Great service! Fast, prompt, professional, courteous, and friendly. I highly recommend this SERVPRO to anyone I know who suffers from flood damage. Thanks again for the hard work 

Outstanding customer service! From the calls made to the office to the on-site crew's that have been working so hard on my home that suffered from fire damage. The men working at my home have been extremely friendly and professional, they called me with an ETA every morning since they have started. Top-notch customer service overall. Thanks SERVPRO 

SERVPRO has been so helpful, compassionate, and professional. I can't thank you all enough!

SERVPRO is great, I'll always use you guy's. I've been using you all for years and you guy's are awesome! 

"As an Insurer, I only refer my clients to SERVPRO as they always do an amazing job and have never let me down. Highly recommend SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County to anyone who sustains any kind of property damage."

Great customer service and highly knowledgeable crew! Highly recommend SERVPRO! 10/10

They always made feel assured in their work and they even made me laugh when I was down about my house flooding. They are an amazing group of men and the company has been amazingly patient with me and so nice. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone and I would definitely recommend those three men who worked so hard on my home. Thank you guys so much I wish I could do more for y’all but thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Great work, especially considering the size of the facility.

Great customer service, made sure my concerns were addressed promptly. 

The service has been great from start to finish. My family had used SERVPRO up north and ever since; SERVPRO has been our go-to for any cleanup or restoration needs!

You guys do a terrific job, we really appreciate the hard work.

Sarah was great about communicating with me about the services, the date and time the services would be rendered and called me back when she promised. Her customer service was above and beyond. The SERVPRO onsite personnel was just as good as Sarah. Both of them were polite and respected our property.

All of SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach's current customers seem very pleased. They are doing a great job!

Zach and his team were extremely professional, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend this SERVPRO.

"Great work, you guys always do a wonderful job!"

I really appreciate it your team did a great job

Very happy with the quality of service provided thank you again

"This is incredible, you guy's did great"

The service was great! 

Great job, 10/10

"Thank you for helping my dear friend with her home flooding."

"Kenneth was very professional and was very clear in his explanations of what was being done during the process."

"Team did a great job. 10/10"

"Great service!!"

These guys are TRUE professionals!!! Thanks 

SERVPRO did a awesome job, they were knowledgeable, completed all work as scheduled and our tenant was able to move right back into the commercial space! Really satisfied with the services by this franchise. 

The cleaning totally exceeded my expectations. I give the franchise 10/10, and the floors have never looked better! Thanks SERVPRO!!!

Outstanding price, exceptional quality - we have decided to use SERVPRO from now on as our vendor of choice for all cleaning and restoration needs!!

When our commercial building flooded for the second time in 1 year, we called SERVPRO. We used a different restoration company after Hurricane Matthew and we were not impressed. We're glad we chose SERVPRO this time. They met our very strict deadline for completion, and the work they did exceeded our expectations.

SERVPRO was there for me from start to finish, they took care of all water damage, they provided a pack out service and they were super professional throughout the entire process! Thanks.

Thank you Ken and Tim for a job well done. Thanks for taking that extra step to make sure the dirt and dust didn’t travel throughout my house. Very kind and considerate

Hello- I just wanted to let everyone back at the office know how truly impressed we’ve been with your employees so far!!  From the timeliness in getting to our house in an emergency on Saturday, to their thoroughness in explaining everything along the way, they’ve been such life savers during this otherwise stressful situation.  A special shout-out to Ken and Tim for their back-breaking work today!!!  Not an easy job tenting such a large open area, but they were amazing— so friendly and polite, always taking the time to answer my many questions. Thanks again! Maureen R

Very impressed with the knowledge and courtesy of the on-site team! My concerns were addressed and prioritized. Thank you SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County!

"We had a horrific flood due to our water heater, The group at SERVPRO were so efficient and caring . They made a very stressful situation seem manageable . I called a lot and they were always so patient and took time to explain the details!.. Thanks Guys!" 

I was overall very happy with this SERVPRO's service! They were always prompt, polite and courteous!

Very professional, courteous crew, prompt and thorough service. 

Very good Service! They called me each time before they were coming out, and were responsive to my requests. We had a pipe burst under the kitchen sink and SERVPRO showed up within 2 hours of me calling for help and brought in a team of workers who commenced restoration immediately

Outstanding, 10/10

We had a water heater line burst on the second floor of my condo and SERVPRO made the process worry-free from the minute I called their office to the very end of the project.