Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

A containment set by SERVPRO to create a barrier separating affected area from unaffected

What is the Purpose of a Containment?

Setting a containment is a crucial step in mitigation projects undertaken by SERVPRO of South Fleming/North Bradford County. It involves the creation of an air-tight barrier around the affected area to prevent the spread of contaminants, mold spores, or other potentially harmful substances to unaffected areas of the property. Containment ensures that the mitigation process is contained within a specific zone, minimizing the risk of further damage and protecting the health and safety of occupants. 

black mold

Water Damage Causes Harmful Mold!

Untreated water damage progressively gets worse over time. If you notice even a small water leak, it is best to take action as quickly as possible. Call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island and North Bradford County for a free estimate at (904)-290-4040!

Mold growth on drywall

Mold growth inside drywall

Mold remediation being performed at a house on the beach in St Augustine Beach by SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County 

We are locally owned an operated, active in community involvement, and love doing our part in making it "Like it never even happened." Call today at (904) 290-4040!

SERVPRO Cleaning Mustang GT

Moldy ride? Bring it by!

We frequently get calls about removing/mitigating mold inside of vehicles. Yes, we can do that! As we like to say, no job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County. We've performed mold mitigation for ambulance trucks, SUV's, mustangs and all vehicle models. Give us a call for a free estimate at (904) 290-4040 

Female concerned after finding mold in home

We are Mold Remediation / Mitigation Professionals

Doing some spring cleaning and find some black mold? Detected a musty odor from a certain area while cleaning? We're a full service restoration company, we specialize in Mold remediation / Mitigation and Water removal / Dry-outs!

Call (904) 290-4040 and we will take care of this headache for you from start to finish, including dealing with your insurance!!

Clay County, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is here for you!