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Mold Remediation Testimonials

I truly cannot rave about this franchise enough. Important to note SERVPRO is a franchise so only base your decision on reviews of a specific location! That said, we had severe mold damage in our rental that we discovered after I began experiencing serious health effects. The mold was all "invisible" (behind walls, under floors etc.), so we needed experts to come help us locate the problem areas and figure out a proper remediation protocol that would not end up worsening the situation (be VERY careful who you trust to remove mold... NEVER use bleach on mold and never just cut it out yourself or you'll cause the toxins to disperse into the air even more). SERVPRO came in and quickly drew up a very specific and detailed plan for us for each problem area. They can either just do the remediation and/or the rebuild as well. They also enlist a third party for testing before and after to ensure all the mold is gone. Their office, Sarah, their head contractor, Norbert, and their project manager, Kenneth, literally went above and beyond every single step of the way. They called every single morning to let us know they were on their way and every afternoon with updates. They worked with us for any modifications or changes during the entire process and answered dozens of questions. They ensured everything was done to our satisfaction and when we had ONE small issue they completely re-did it no questions asked. They helped us every step of the way with insurance and found ways to save us money as well. I truly was sad to not have a reason to talk to their team daily anymore when everything was finished. If you ever need any remediation done, this is the company to go with! Thank you Sarah, Norbert and Kenneth for everything!

All of SERVPRO of Greater Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach's current customers seem very pleased. They are doing a great job!

Very happy with the quality of service provided thank you again

"Kenneth was very professional and was very clear in his explanations of what was being done during the process."

"Great service!!"

Thank you Ken and Tim for a job well done. Thanks for taking that extra step to make sure the dirt and dust didn’t travel throughout my house. Very kind and considerate