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Don't Get Soaked! Know Where Your Water Shut-Off Valve Is

5/22/2024 (Permalink)

Imagine this, you come home to a symphony of dripping – a burst pipe or a runaway appliance is unleashing a watery torrent in your home. Every second counts as water damage spreads quickly, threatening your belongings and the structure of your house. In these stressful situations, knowing the location of your main water shut-off valve is your first line of defense.

Why is the Shut-Off Valve Important?

The main water shut-off valve is the master control for your home's water supply. By turning it off during a plumbing emergency, you can stop the flow of water and minimize potential damage. Every minute water continues to flow translates to more expensive repairs and potential mold growth.

Quick Action Minimizes Damage

The faster you can locate and shut off the water source, the less water damage you'll face. Here's the difference a few minutes can make:

  • Reduced Repair Costs: Shutting off the water quickly minimizes the amount of water that needs to be extracted and reduces the drying time, saving you money on professional restoration services from SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County.
  • Preserve Belongings: Water damage can destroy furniture, carpets, and electronics. By stopping the water flow promptly, you can potentially salvage your belongings.
  • Prevents Microbial Growth: Mold thrives in damp environments. By limiting water exposure, you can prevent the growth of mold.

Finding Your Water Shut-Off Valve

The location of your main shut-off valve can vary depending on your home's plumbing layout. Here are some common places to look:

  • Garage: Especially if your home has a slab foundation.
  • Crawl Space: If accessible, you might find it here.
  • Utility Room: Look near the water heater or washing machine.

Take Action Now!

Don't wait for a plumbing emergency to locate your water shut-off valve. Take a few minutes right now to find it. Here are some additional tips:

  • Identify the Valve: It's usually a gate valve with a handle that turns perpendicular to the pipe to shut off the water.
  • Test Accessibility: Make sure you can easily reach and operate the valve. If it's stiff, consider lubricating it with a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Label the Valve: Clearly mark the valve for easy identification, especially if you have multiple people in your household.

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County: Your Water Damage Restoration Experts

Even with the best preparation, water emergencies can happen. If you experience a plumbing issue that results in water damage, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is here to help. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with advanced water removal and drying techniques to restore your home quickly and efficiently. Contact us 24/7 for fast and reliable water damage restoration services.

Knowing where your water shut-off valve is and acting quickly in a plumbing emergency can significantly minimize water damage and save you money. Don't wait until it's too late – find your valve today!

Expertise in Residential Water Damage and Emergency Water Extraction Services

5/9/2024 (Permalink)

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home, causing destruction to property and added stress and chacos to your routine. When disaster strikes, swift action is essential to mitigate damage and restore your home to its preloss condition. At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we specialize in residential water damage restoration and emergency water extraction services. Let's explore how our expert team can help you navigate through water damage emergencies with ease.

Understanding Residential Water Damage:

From burst pipes to appliance leaks and natural disasters, residential water damage can occur in various forms. Regardless of the cause, the consequences can be severe, leading to structural damage, microbial growth, and compromised indoor air quality. Addressing water damage quickly is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure a successful restoration process.

Emergency Water Extraction Services:

When water damage strikes, immediate water extraction is a crucial step in minimizing damages from a water damage emergency. Our team at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is equipped with advanced water extraction equipment and techniques to remove standing water quickly and efficiently. Whether it's a flooded kitchen or water-damaged walls, we have the expertise to handle any size water damage restoration project.

Comprehensive Restoration Process:

Our restoration process begins with a thorough assessment of the damage to determine the extent of the problem. We develop a customized restoration plan tailored to your specific needs, utilizing industry-leading techniques and equipment to restore your home to its preloss condition. From water extraction and drying to structural repairs, we provide comprehensive solutions to address all steps of water damage restoration!

Certified Technicians and Advanced Equipment:

At SERVPRO, we take pride in our team of IICRC certified technicians who undergo rigorous training to stay updated on the latest restoration techniques and industry best practices. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including powerful exctractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers, to expedite the drying process and ensure thorough water removal.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County. We understand the stress and disruption that water damage can cause, which is why we strive to deliver prompt, professional, and compassionate service to every homeowner we serve. From the initial assessment to the final restoration, we're committed to providing exceptional service and exceeding your expectations.

When water damage strikes your home, trust the experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County to provide prompt and reliable residential water damage restoration and emergency water extraction services. With our expertise, advanced equipment, and commitment to excellence, we'll have your home back to its pre-damage condition in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the SERVPRO® difference firsthand.

Expert Emergency Water Restoration: SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County to the Rescue

5/1/2024 (Permalink)

Water damage emergencies can strike at any moment, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses alike. From burst pipes to severe storms, the aftermath of water damage can be overwhelming and devastating. That's where SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County comes in. As your trusted local restoration water damage experts, we're here to provide swift and reliable emergency water restoration services when you need them most.

Emergency Water Restoration: A Timely Response is Key!

When water damage occurs, every minute counts. That's why SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County offers round-the-clock emergency water removal services to ensure a rapid response to your crisis. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to quickly and efficiently extract standing water, mitigate further damage, and begin the restoration process within 60-90 minutes of dispatch. 

Whether you're dealing with a flood for a malfunctioning appliance, a burst pipe, or storm-related water damage, our team is ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. We understand the urgency of the situation and prioritize your safety and peace of mind throughout the restoration process.

Expertise You Can Trust: Restoration Water Damage Experts

Water damage restoration is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment to effectively mitigate damage and restore your property to its preloss condition. At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County, we pride ourselves on being restoration water damage experts, with years of experience and a commitment to excellence in every restoration project we undertake.

Our IICRC-certified team undergoes rigorous training and certification to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards and best practices for water damage restoration. From initial assessment and water extraction to drying, dehumidification, and restoration, we approach each job with precision and care to ensure the best possible outcome for your property.

Why Choose SERVPRO® for Emergency Water Restoration?

When it comes to emergency water restoration, you need a trusted partner you can rely on to get the job done right. Here's why SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is the clear choice:

  • Rapid Response: We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can reach us anytime, day or night, and we'll be there to help.

  • Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to quickly and effectively remove water, dry out affected areas, and restore your property.

  • Comprehensive Services: From water extraction and drying to mold remediation and reconstruction, we offer a full range of restoration services to handle any water damage emergency.

  • Local Expertise: As members of the South Fleming Island/North Bradford County community, we understand the unique challenges and needs of our area and are committed to providing personalized service and support to our neighbors.

Don't let water damage derail your life. When disaster strikes, trust the experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County to restore your property quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to normal as soon as possible. Contact us today at 904-290-4040 for emergency water restoration services you can count on.

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County's 60-90 Minute Response Time For Emergency Water Damage Restoration

4/23/2024 (Permalink)

When your home or business suffers water damage, it's essential to act quickly. That's why SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is here to help. We take pride in our fast response time, aiming to arrive at the scene within 60-90 minutes. Our team is committed to providing excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction by offering quick and efficient emergency water damage restoration and cleanup services. Let's explore how our swift response sets us apart from our competitors.

Swift Arrival, Swift Solutions:

Water damage emergencies can occur at any time, day or night. That's why our team is available 24/7 to promptly respond to your call. We understand that a burst pipe, flooding, or sewage backup can cause significant damage to your property, which is why our technicians are always prepared to spring into action at a moment's notice. With our fleet of fully equipped vehicles and experienced professionals, we can arrive on the scene within 60-90 minutes to begin the restoration process as quickly as possible.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques:

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, our IICRC- Certified team understands the importance of using the right tools and techniques to address water damage effectively. That's why we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology to streamline the restoration process. From powerful water extraction pumps to specialized drying equipment, we have everything needed to mitigate water damage quickly and efficiently.

Upon arrival, our team of trained technicians conducts a comprehensive assessment of the water damage to determine the full extent of the water damage. We identify the source of the water intrusion and develop a customized restoration plan tailored to meet your specific needs. We pay great attention to detail and are committed to ensuring that every step of the restoration process is carried out with precision and care, ensuring top-quality results.

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County, our top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. We always strive to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding service and exceed your expectations. Our team is committed to making the water damage restoration process as smooth and stress-free as possible, and we achieve this through our swift response time and meticulous attention to detail. 

In case of water damage, you can trust the experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County to provide swift and reliable emergency water damage restoration and water cleanup services. With our advanced equipment and a commitment to excellence, we'll have your property back to its pre-damage condition in no time. We promise to respond within 60-90 minutes of your call.

Navigating Water Damage: How SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County Mitigates Damage and Works with Homeowners Insurance

4/3/2024 (Permalink)

a water damage room in a clay county home where the water came in through the ceiling and caused it to fall, standing water No matter the size or time of your loss, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County has the equipment and expertise to mitigate damages!

Water damage can strike unexpectedly, causing chaos and disruption to your home. At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we understand the stress and uncertainty that water damage can bring. That's why we're here to provide swift and effective mitigation services while working seamlessly with homeowners insurance to ease the burden on you and your family. Let's explore how our team handles water damage restoration and insurance claims to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Initial Water Damage:

When water damage occurs, time is of the essence. Our IICRC-certified team responds quickly to assess the situation and determine the extent of the damage. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the water intrusion and develop a customized mitigation plan tailored to your specific needs.

After the source of the damage has been determined and our technicians have moisture mapped the property, identifying the wet areas, we then utilize high-grade equipment to first entrance all standing water from your home quickly and efficiently. After all standing water has been extracted, we implement strategic drying equipment to remove excess moisture from affected areas, aiding in the prevention of microbial growth and secondary structural damage. Our goal is to restore your home to its pre-water damage condition as quickly as possible and minimize disruption to your daily life. 

Documentation and Insurance Coordination:

Navigating the insurance claims process can be daunting, especially in the aftermath of a water damage emergency. That's where SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County comes in. We work closely with homeowners insurance providers to streamline the claims process and ensure that you receive the coverage you're entitled to. Our team handles all documentation and communication with your insurance company, alleviating the stress and hassle of dealing with paperwork and negotiations.

Throughout the restoration and insurance claim processes, we maintain open lines of communication with you and your insurance provider every step of the way. We provide regular updates on the progress of the restoration and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our priority is your satisfaction, and we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and service throughout the entire mitigation and restoration process.

Restoring Peace of Mind:

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we understand the emotional toll and stress that water damage can take on homeowners and their families. That's why we go above and beyond to provide compassionate support and expert restoration services to help you get back on your feet. With our skilled team, advanced technology, and seamless insurance coordination, we'll restore your Clay County home and your peace of mind.

When water damage strikes, trust the experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County to mitigate the damage and work with your homeowner's insurance to ensure a smooth recovery process. From swift emergency response to transparent communication and expert restoration services, we're here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today at 904-290-4040 to learn more about our water damage mitigation services and how we can help you restore your home.

Restoring Faith: A Swift Response to a Local Church's Water Damage Crisis

3/27/2024 (Permalink)

two servpro vehicles parked outside of a church for water damage mitigation services At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County, we stand ready to serve and help our local community whenever needed!

In times of crisis, churches serve as pillars of strength, faith, and community support. However, what happens when a church itself is struck by disaster? Recently, the Bradford County community faced such a challenge when a burst pipe flooded the entirety of one of their Stark church, just a week before Easter. As the congregation processed the shock of the situation, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County swiftly stepped in to help. 

The emergency water damage restoration journey began with a frantic call to SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, as the church leadership sought immediate assistance to salvage their sacred space. Our team then sprang into action, mobilizing our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to the site within the hour. 

Upon arrival, our priority was to assess the extent of the damages to the facility and put together a comprehensive restoration plan tailored to fit the specific needs of the church, taking into account the significance of the upcoming Easter services and celebrations. 

With time being of the essence, our team wasted no time in initiating the restoration process. We deployed powerful water extraction tools to swiftly remove standing water from the premises, preventing further structural damage and mitigating the risk of microbial growth. Our technicians worked quickly and efficiently to ensure every nook and cranny was addressed, standing water was removed, drying equipment was placed, and the area was sanitized.

Throughout the restoration process, we communicate closely with the church leadership as well as the insurance company. Providing regular updates on our progress, and addressing any concerns or questions they had along the way. Collaborating closely with the church staff, we were able to develop a timeline that aligned with their Easter service schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to their worship activities.

With Easter Sunday quickly approaching, our focus is on ensuring that the church can hold services at full capacity while protecting the structure from secondary damages. Our team will work around the church's busy schedule to ensure that everything is drying correctly and is ready for patrons Friday night for Good Friday and again Sunday morning for the Easter Sunday festivities. 

Should your home or business become affected by water or fire damage, trust that SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is Here to help®! Our team responds to emergency losses 24/7/365 and is dedicated to having a trained expert on-site within 60-90 minutes of dispatch! For more information, call our office at 904-290-4040, we have a team ready to take your call and walk you through the next steps! 

Safeguarding Your Home: Mitigating Water Damage with SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County

2/23/2024 (Permalink)

Water damage can strike unexpectedly, wreaking havoc on your home and belongings. From burst pipes to severe storms, the causes of water damage are diverse, but the consequences are universally disruptive. At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County, we understand the urgency and importance of mitigating water damage promptly and effectively. In this blog post, we'll explore how our team can help you safeguard your home and minimize the impact of water damage.

Rapid Response and Assessment:
When water damage occurs, every moment counts. That's why SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies promptly. Our experienced technicians arrive on the scene quickly to assess the extent of the damage and develop a customized mitigation plan tailored to your specific needs. We understand the urgency of the situation and work swiftly to mitigate further damage and prevent secondary issues like microbial growth.

Water Extraction and Drying:
The first step in mitigating water damage is to remove excess water from your home. SERVPRO® utilizes advanced water extraction equipment to quickly and efficiently remove standing water from floors, carpets, and other surfaces. Once the water has been extracted, we focus on drying out the affected area thoroughly. Our team employs industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and surfaces, preventing further damage and mold growth.

Salvaging and Restoration:
Water damage can take a toll on your belongings and property, but not all is lost. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is committed to salvaging as much of your property as possible through our restoration services. From furniture and electronics to documents and photographs, we employ specialized techniques and equipment to clean, disinfect, and restore your belongings to their pre-damaged condition.

Comprehensive Cleanup and Sanitization:
In addition to removing water and restoring belongings, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County focuses on thorough cleanup and sanitization to ensure the safety and health of your home. We use professional-grade cleaning agents and disinfectants to eliminate bacteria, mold, and odors, leaving your home clean, safe, and habitable once again.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support:
Even after the mitigation process is complete, our team remains committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind. We conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure that the affected area remains dry and free of mold and other issues. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support throughout the mitigation process, from start to finish.

Water damage can be a daunting and disruptive experience, but with SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County by your side, you don't have to face it alone. Our experienced team is here to provide prompt, professional, and comprehensive water damage mitigation services, helping you safeguard your home and restore your peace of mind. When water damage strikes, let us be your partner in recovery.

Protecting Your Clay County Home: Water Damage Mitigation Services

1/24/2024 (Permalink)

Water damage can be distressing and costly for homeowners in Clay County. Whether it's caused by a burst pipe, flooding, or a leaky roof, water damage can wreak havoc on your property and belongings. Fortunately, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is here to provide the expertise and assistance you need. In this blog post, we'll explore the vital water damage mitigation services offered by SERVPRO® and how we can safeguard your Clay County residence.

Understanding Common Water Damage Scenarios:

Before we delve into the water damage services provided by SERVPRO, it's essential to recognize the common scenarios that can lead to water damage in Clay County homes:

  1. Heavy Rainfall and Flooding: Clay County is no stranger to heavy rainfall and occasional flooding, particularly during the rainy season, which can result in water damage to homes.

  2. Plumbing Mishaps: Aging or faulty plumbing systems can lead to pipe bursts, leaks, and plumbing-related water damage.

  3. Roof Issues: Damaged roofs or missing shingles can allow rainwater to penetrate your home, causing interior damage.

  4. Appliance Failures: Malfunctions in appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters can result in water leaks and property damage.

SERVPRO's Water Damage Mitigation Services:

  1. Prompt Water Extraction and Removal: When water damage occurs, swift action is crucial. SERVPRO employs advanced equipment to extract water from affected areas, minimizing further damage promptly.

  2. Professional Drying and Dehumidification: To prevent mold growth and structural damage, SERVPRO ensures thorough drying of affected spaces using industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers.

  3. Mold Remediation: Water damage often leads to mold growth. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County offers expert mold remediation services to eliminate mold and prevent recurrence.

  4. Content Restoration: SERVPRO's specialists are skilled in restoring damaged belongings, from furniture to valuable documents, using specialized cleaning and drying techniques.

  5. Reconstruction Services: In cases of extensive damage, SERVPRO provides reconstruction services to restore your home to its pre-damage condition, including repairs to walls, ceilings, and flooring.

Why Choose SERVPRO:

Opting for SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County for your water damage mitigation needs offers several advantages:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response: SERVPRO is available round-the-clock to respond to your water damage emergencies, with a response time of 60-90 minutes,  minimizing additional harm.

  • IICRC-Certified Technicians: SERVPRO's technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), ensuring top-tier service.

  • Advanced Equipment: SERVPRO employs state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to handle water damage efficiently.

  • Local Expertise: As a locally owned and operated franchise, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County understands the specific water damage challenges Clay County homeowners face.

Water damage can disrupt your life and cause significant stress, but with SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County, you can regain control and peace of mind. Our comprehensive water damage mitigation services, including water extraction, drying, mold remediation, content restoration, and reconstruction, ensure that your Clay County home is in capable hands during times of crisis. Don't let water damage overwhelm you—trust SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

If you're dealing with water damage in Clay County, reach out to SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County at 904-290-4040 today!

Confronting the Challenges of Water Damage

8/23/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage is undoubtedly a challenging situation, but with the right steps and professional help, your home can be restored to its former glory. At SERVPRO, we're dedicated to helping you through every stage of the restoration process, ensuring that your living space becomes a safe and comfortable haven once again. Remember, safety first – always prioritize your well-being when dealing with water damage, and don't hesitate to reach out to the experts for guidance.

Assess the Situation:

The first step in addressing water damage is to assess the extent of the damage. Is the water source still active? Is it a small leak or a major flood? Safety should be your top priority, so ensure that you turn off any electricity or gas in the affected area to prevent accidents. Avoid walking through standing water if there's a possibility of electrical current running through it.

Call in the Professionals:

While it might be tempting to try and handle the situation yourself, water damage restoration is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and expertise. Calling a professional restoration company like SERVPRO ensures that the damage is properly assessed and addressed, reducing the risk of further issues down the line.

Document the Damage:

Before any restoration work begins, it's crucial to document the damage for insurance purposes. Take clear photos and videos of the affected areas, including any personal belongings that have been damaged. This evidence will be invaluable when filing an insurance claim.

Water Extraction and Drying:

The next step involves removing the excess water and thoroughly drying the affected areas. Industrial-grade pumps and dehumidifiers are used to extract water and moisture from the environment, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Quick action in this stage can significantly minimize the extent of damage.

Salvage and Restoration:

Once the area is dry, restoration professionals will assess which items can be salvaged and which ones need to be replaced. Salvageable items will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and restored to their pre-damage condition. For items that are beyond repair, proper disposal protocols will be followed.

 Address Mold and Mildew:

One of the most common aftermaths of water damage is the growth of mold and mildew. Even after the visible water is gone, moisture can linger, creating the perfect environment for these harmful microorganisms to thrive. Professionals will use specialized techniques to identify and address any mold issues to ensure your home's air quality is safe.

 Prevention for the Future:

Once your home is restored, it's essential to take steps to prevent future water damage. Regular maintenance checks on pipes, roofs, and appliances can help identify potential issues before they escalate. Proper insulation and ventilation can also contribute to reducing the risk of moisture-related problems.

Accidents happen, and when it comes to our homes, one of the most unexpected and challenging situations to face is water damage. Whether it's due to a burst pipe, a leaking roof, or a natural disaster, water damage can wreak havoc on your living space and your peace of mind. As trusted experts in restoration, we at SERVPRO understand the distress that water damage can bring. Call us at 904-290-4040 for emergency services, our team will be onsite within 60-90 minutes, or to speak with one of our helpful team members to schedule a free estimate where a project manager will walk the property and put together a plan of action for you. 

Restoring Peace of Mind: Navigating Water Damage with SERVPRO

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

Water can be a formidable force when it wreaks havoc on our homes and properties. From burst pipes to flooding, water damage can strike unexpectedly, leaving behind a trail of destruction and stress. In such moments of distress, having a reliable partner to help restore your space becomes invaluable.

Water damage is a common nightmare that homeowners face. It can result from various sources such as natural disasters, leaking roofs, broken pipes, or malfunctioning appliances. The extent of damage can range from minor issues like discolored walls and carpets to severe structural damage. Regardless of the scale, water damage can disrupt daily life and pose serious health risks due to mold and bacteria growth.

In the midst of water damage despair, SERVPRO shines as a restoration superhero. Founded in 1967, SERVPRO has become a trusted leader in the restoration industry, boasting a network of over 1,700 independently owned and operated franchises across the United States and Canada. Our services encompass a wide range of restoration needs, including water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, and more.

The SERVPRO Approach to Water Damage Restoration

Rapid Response: The first few hours after water damage are crucial. SERVPRO understands this urgency and offers a 24/7 emergency response. Their trained technicians arrive promptly equipped with specialized tools to assess the situation and start the restoration process.

Assessment and Planning: Not all water damage scenarios are the same. SERVPRO's professionals evaluate the extent of the damage and develop a tailored plan to mitigate further issues. This may involve water extraction, drying, and dehumidification.

Advanced Equipment: SERVPRO employs state-of-the-art equipment to expedite the drying process. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters are just a few of the tools we use to ensure effective restoration.

Mold Prevention: Moisture provides a breeding ground for mold growth, which can pose serious health risks. SERVPRO takes proactive steps to prevent mold, ensuring your home is not only dry but also safe.

Thorough Cleaning and Restoration: Beyond just drying, SERVPRO handles the cleaning and restoration of affected areas. This includes sanitizing, deodorizing, and repairing structural damage.

Effective Communication: Dealing with water damage can be overwhelming. SERVPRO keeps homeowners informed throughout the process, providing constant updates, and offering a clear picture of the steps being taken and the progress being made.

Water damage can be a daunting experience, but with SERVPRO by your side, the road to recovery becomes smoother. Our prompt response, professional approach, and commitment to excellence make us a reliable partner during one of life's most challenging moments. Remember, when water wreaks havoc, SERVPRO restores not only your property but also your peace of mind.

When dealing with a flood or water and a flood of emotions don’t forget to call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County at 904-290-4040

Here is how to handle water damage!

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

Is Water Damage Restoration Necessary?

A lot of people, especially those facing a lesser amount of standing water on floor coverings might wonder if the whole process is actually necessary. The thing is – flood waters pose a threat of structural damage to your property, especially if there’s any amount of excess water left in the affected areas. Not to mention how important it is to prevent mold growth in remaining mold spores.

Mold and mildew are significant health hazards and they can be breeding grounds for bacteria just like many other chemicals and toxins that can be found in standing water, especially if caused by sewage backup. So, yes, it’s necessary and extremely important to act quickly and spring into water damage restoration as soon as possible.

What Do You Do if Your House Has Water Damage?

The best thing you could do is go over your homeowners’ insurance and see if it covers water damage repair. Make sure to take photos of the flooded areas and the damaged property so you can attach them when you file your insurance claim. If are covered by insurance, the best next step would be to call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County to handle it. It’s the easiest and safest way out of a flooded basement or any other kind of water damage.

What Does Water Damage Restoration Include?

Whether you’ve got smaller wet areas due to overflowing appliances like washing machines or significant damage due to leaking pipes, roof leak, or a huge water intrusion due to storm damage or other natural disasters – the process is similar. The water damage restoration process involves the following 5 steps:

  • Inspection (and determination of the cause and course of action)
  • Removal of the water from the wet areas
  • The drying process to remove humidity.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Water damage repair

The course of action will vary depending on the source of the water damage and the state the damaged materials are in, but these steps will remain the same. Here at SERVPRO we try our best to restore so damages are kept at a minimum and if replacement is necessary, we handle it with ease!

What Should You Not Do After Water Damage?

 It’s good to know what to do in these situations, but sometimes it’s even more important to know what not to do when experiencing water damage. So, here are some pieces of advice on what to avoid when dealing with water damage restoration.

Don’t access the flooded area if there are structural damages.

If you’re dealing with a flooded basement, don’t go down there for inspection before you’ve made sure the floors and walls haven’t had any damage. They need to be in good condition so you can enter the room without them collapsing and injuring you.

Don’t handle structural or electrical work if you haven’t got the experience.

Even if you’ve decided to go DIY with this, don’t carry out the structural or electrical repairs if you don’t know what you’re doing. These kinds of repairs shouldn’t be done by amateurs even in normal conditions, let alone now. So, if there is some work that needs to be done, call an SERVPRO!

Don’t let garbage pile up.

Garbage piling up is never a good thing, especially not under these circumstances. Pests and bacteria could develop, so get rid of everything fast. Make sure you follow the proper disposal techniques for each type of garbage you’ve got on you. Keep it organized and keep it going.

Don’t leave pools of water for long.

Try to get the water out of the room or rooms as fast as you can. And also, dispose of it properly, not to cause a bigger problem somewhere else. If there’s water lying around for prolonged periods of time, you’ll make another problem for yourself. One with mold or bacteria. And that’s an even bigger problem that takes much more time, effort, and money to handle.

Leave it to the pros at SERVPRO! 

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (904) 290-4040

Is water damage the most common among damages here in the Historic city?

1/3/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Water damage can put a home out of living condition and a place of work out of working condition. Sitting water damage can also increase damages

Be aware of dangers that put your property at risk!

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold Damage
  • Catastrophic storm Damage
  • Biohazardous Damage

Damages to your property are important because it's where you live or where you work in most cases! In most cases we see water damage being a main damage in the oldest city of St. Augustine!

Why is water damage the most common loss that we see?

Well, moisture is no stranger to the state of Florida. Being a pretty rainy and stormy city, the oldest city has many older buildings that tend to have leaks. Many areas in St. Augustine lay low and close to the water level so an extensive amount of rainfall can very easily cause flooding creating multiple water damages. Here we are consistently getting weather on the extreme level! From the hottest days to the coldest days water problems surround our homes and work facilities whether it be from frozen pipes cracking or bursting or water systems overheating and malfunctioning. Many water damages come out of nowhere and are unexpected. For instance, at any given moment, you could have an appliance malfunction flood an entire area inside your home. Being that St. Augustine is the Oldest city in the United States many buildings are old and are prone to more damage from storms creating once again water damage.

While this is the last thing we think of when we wake up it can very well happen to anyone at any time. Water damages can affect not only your property but your personal items as well. Here at SERVPRO we try our best to restore your personal items along with your property in a timely manner almost "like it never happened". Here at SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine / St. Augustine beach we live by that quote so you can live a life disaster free. Our team of highly trained professionals operate on a 24/7/365 schedule, so you never have to worry about us being open. 

How do you know if you have water damage?

Most the time it'll be pretty obvious that you have water damage! But sometimes it can be questionable whether or not it's something that you want to get checked out or not. Some signs you might want to look for are wet or damp areas, discolored areas, lifted or uneven tile and soft structure that once was not soft! But if your still unsure you could always call our team @ (904)429-4457 to schedule a free estimate! 

Got water? Don't want or need it? We got your back!

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Pipe Bursting causing water damage! This photo is the start to a serious water damage but an easy fix if caught in time.

Water Damage

Water damage can be from many different causes and can have many different outcomes. Damage from water can lead to mold, odor and weakened structure. How do you know if you have water damage? Water damage can be put off or ignored if the signs aren't taken seriously. It can be seen by discoloration in a wall or ceiling and can be felt by a damp area that should be dry. Also, it can often times put off a musty odor. 

How did I get water damage?

  • Leak in my property
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Storm causing flooding 
  • Pipe burst

 How can I fix water damage?

Start by calling SERVPRO of South Fleming / North Bradford at (904)290-4040. SERVPRO fixes water damages by finding the source and repairing the area. Then the team will bring in special gear to remove the water and dry the area to above and beyond standards. Not only will our team restore the area but will try to restore any items that were affected by the water damage as well. It is a time sensitive job so that more issues are not caused by the water damage which is why we work around the clock to better serve our community.

Here in North Bradford / South Fleming we experience storms, tidal flooding and occasional power outages that can cause appliance malfunction leading to water damage. We are a tough community and with SERVPRO by your side water damage doesn't stand a chance at your property.

Is extensive rain bad for our homes and business?

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SERVPRO This picture is a prime example of rainfall that can cause flooding and leaks that can cause great water damage!


Large amounts of rain create flooding in areas that can sometime affect our homes and businesses. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County see a lot of rain and flooding is just something that comes with that heavy rainfall. Flooding can cause standing water in our homes and businesses, even after properly preparing for it, sometimes the water just seems to find its way in. If you have a flood at any time on any day, call us at (904)290-4040. These floods can ruin our home items, furniture and our walls if they get within. Let's not forget the hazard if standing water reach's any type of electrical outlet. Its best to get in touch with our SERVPRO to better handle the situation and restore your home and items within to our professionally trained techs.


Leaks can be just as dangerous if not worse than flooding. Leaks can be bad because most times we won't realize we have one until it's too late. Leaks can take place in our roofs or the sides of our buildings as well. It can be disastrous because a leak can be happening for a while before we notice it's even there. Before we even notice, the leak could've caused great water damage to the attic then furthermore our ceiling and our walls. This can be extremely dangerous in cases where it starts to warp the ceiling and or walls with potential to eventually just all fall down. Leaks can cause some of the worst water damage which is why you need to call SERVPRO if your home in South Fleming Island / North Bradford County or any surrounding areas that may suffer from water damage as soon as possible. 

These are just a few ways water damage can enter a home or business. SERVPRO has a resolution for both and is prepared for a job of any size. We know that large amounts of rain fall mean water damage and we know that water damage can furthermore cause mold problems as well as structural problems as well. Over time extensive rain may beat up our precious metals and exterior of our homes and businesses. SERVPRO is there to clean, restore and reconstruct after any water damage disaster. If you experience high rainfall and believe you have water damage, Call SERVPRO to check it put and or for a free estimate.

How Does SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County Handle Your Water Damage Issues?

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ceiling with water damage and SERVPRO logo Have water damage and not sure where to go next? SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help!

Residential water damage requires professional assistance to limit damage to furniture and other belongings, as well as guarding against mold growth and odor issues. Excess water in a home can be the result of a leak after heavy rainfall, a broken pipe, or a malfunctioning appliance. In some cases, the amount of water can cause problems with the flooring or other structural components of your Clay County home. Here at your local SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we have IICRC-certified technicians who can help remove water and address the damage.

Water Damage Assessment

When you call in the water remediation specialists at SERVPRO, we immediately get to work assessing the extent of the damage. We determine if the damage is limited to belongings, or if the damage is more widespread such as walls, flooring, roofs, etc. We determine the scope of your water damage, inspect and test to determine the extent of damage, and establish how far the moisture has traveled to ensure proper and complete restoration.

Water Removal and Extraction

Because time is of the essence to keep damage to a minimum, the water removal process begins almost immediately and removes the majority of the water that is visible. We use powerful pumps and vacuum units to quickly remove substantial amounts of water from your property, which helps prevent secondary water damage and mold growth. Once the water is removed, we then focus on drying.

Drying Affected Areas

The goal of the drying process is to dry the affected area thoroughly. We use room measurements, temperature, and relative humidity to determine the optimal number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed to dry your home or business. Lingering odors commonly dissipate once the area is dry. We use portable extraction units to remove and dry water. Dehumidifiers can help to replace moisture with drier air as well as remove it from fabrics. Finally, we can use spray deodorizer on surfaces to ensure the offending odor is neutralized while they dissipate.

Cleaning Damaged Items

The cleaning process comes next. We focus on cleaning fabrics, rugs, or walls while the surface texture is still wet. The likelihood of a successful restoration of upholstery is higher before stains are allowed to set. We clean all of the restorable items and structures damaged by the water. Our professionals are trained to provide sanitizing treatments, remove odors, and deodorize your property.

Addressing Remaining Damage

In some cases, the water damage is substantial and restoration to get it back to what it was pre-water damage may involve minor repairs such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet or may entail reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home. A SERVPRO professional will review all substantial damage assessments and recommendations prior to any work beginning so homeowners are always in the loop.

If you experience water damage, it’s important to call professionals who follow a tried and true water repair process. Contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County at 904-290-4040 to get the help you need, 24/7/365!

Water Damage Equipment Makes a Difference

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Here is a picture of a water loss that had soaked into the carpet of the home. We are open 24 hours for 365 days a year! Call us today at (904) 429-4457!

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island was called for an emergency water damage job late last night. SERVPRO arrived quickly on the scene, with specialized tools for water detection and water extraction equipment. It is best to call at the earliest time of need as emergency mitigation services help minimize additional property damages. 

Why trust SERVPRO 

Clay County can rely on SERVPRO of South Fleming Island to arrive prepared and professional to their home and business. The right tool for the water job is vital to timely mitigation and these water damage professionals thoroughly understand how to dry a structure and personal property effectively. 


Psychrometry is the study of the air and its properties. Our SERVPRO of South Fleming Island professionals measure for temperature, humidity, vapor pressure and dew points. These measurements help evaluate air conditions in the structure to create the proper atmosphere for more efficient drying. 

We use the Right Equipment 

Our SERVPRO professionals use moisture sensors to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards, and walls. Moisture meters are used on various materials that determine actual moisture content. Clay County crews also have specialized extraction equipment which remove water from floors and upholstery. This is the most effective method of removing moisture. Air movers are used to enhance evaporation at the surface level, thereby reducing drying time. Dehumidification machinery lowers humidity, which in turn increases the rate of evaporation. It pulls in the moist air and then discharges dry air. This air acts like a sponge and absorbs moisture from wet materials. Deodorization equipment is used to neutralize odor causing particles. 

In our business, you need us fast! Fire damage, water damage, and mold remediation waits for no one. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island has a 24 hour rapid emergency response team all year round. Call us today (904) 429-4457! 

How Quickly Should You Act When Water Damage Occurs in Clay County Business?

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SERVPRO water damage timeline chart minutes up to a week The restoration process begins quickly when you call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island 24 hours a day for water damage emergencies!

Unexpected water damage can be detrimental to any business, big or small. When it comes to a water loss situation, the key to keeping water damage to a minimum is mitigating the loss quickly to restore your Clay County business back to its normal, functioning state. While some situations may seem minor, even small amounts of water can cause significant damages if left unchecked and open the door to more severe secondary damages down the line. That is why it is crucial to call a professional as soon as water damage is suspected. 

What Happens When Water Damage Occurs and Sits Over Time? 

The Initial Loss 
Within minutes, the water quickly spreads into floors, drywall, fixtures, and contents. 

Within the First 24 Hours 
The drywall begins to swell and break due to the saturation, hardwood, and furnishings will swell and crack, and microbial growth my begin to grow from the excess moisture. 

Throughout The First Week 
Flooring will likely become unsalvageable, any wood that is saturated will begin to warp, wet ceilings may collapse, and microbial growth will accelerate. 

Unchecked Damages After a Week
After water damage sits for a week the restoration costs will begin to escalate, the property structural safety may be compromised, and existing microbial growth spores will continue to duplicate. 

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we know that water damage is stressful and you may not know what the next steps are. That is why we are here to help you develop a contingency plan in case of water damage or another emergency situation. With our Emergency Ready Profile, you get a free assessment of your facility that identifies the prioritized point of contact for authorizing work to begin after an emergency situation so the cleanup and restoration process can begin. Having this in place in result saves time, lessening damages and costs, getting your business up and running quicker saving you both time and money!

If you suffer from water damage, your local SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help. Our highly trained technicians can mitigate and dry out the excess moisture quickly before the structural integrity of your property becomes at risk for secondary damages and mold growth. Acting quickly and avoiding any delays not only save the property's structural integrity but lessens the amount of time needed to mitigate the water damage, but the timely response can also aid in keeping overall costs down. Call us at 904-290-4040 to schedule a FREE estimate, or for emergency services 24/7/365! 

How Do You Know If You Have Water Damage In Your Clay County Home?

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infrared camera showing wet area in home with visible mold on the walls A small issue can quickly turn into a large disaster. Don't wait, call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island at the first sign of water damage 904-290-4040

One of the most common problems that property owners can sustain is water damage. Broken and leaky pipes are 2nd in both frequency and severity in regards to annual claims resulting in water damage, with hurricanes/severe storms being #1. Although water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners insurance, many of these losses could have actually been prevented.

Most water damage occurs because of leaks that were gradual, slow leaks eventually turned into a bigger problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore small leaks or damage until it becomes a bigger issue, or they believe that they can take care of it themselves, which with minimal water damage may be true... but with water damage, there are often more damages than the human eye can see. If a pipe breaks within the walls or water travels through or into walls, you will be unable to see the extent of the loss and dry it out without specialty equipment.

So What Are the Signs of Water Damage in Your Home?

When trying to prevent water damage, it helps to know what to look for to ensure that all preventable issues can be addressed. Check for the following signs of water damage in your home:

1. Dark Spots or Water Stains

Keep your eye out for dark spots and discoloration on the ceiling, interior, and exterior walls of your home. Darker spots usually mean that the water damage is fresh and could be still active, while yellowish or chalky stains are an indication of older damage.

2. Peeling, Cracking, or Bubbling

If the paint or wallpaper in your home is peeling or bubbling this is typically an indication that the inside of the wall is wet. When larger areas get wet and the wat sits, these areas begin to expand and that is when you will see cracks appear.

3. Pooling or Puddles of Water

Continuous drips and leaks can leave puddles of water on your floor. If you notice pools of water and it comes back after you have cleaned it up, it is a good sign that you have an ongoing, active leak.

4. Hearing Water

You might not always be able to see the water when a water loss occurs, but you may be able to hear it. Listen for drips or sounds of rushing water that go beyond the sounds that your usual pipes and systems make.

5. Higher Water Bills

Your water bill might vary month to month, but have you had a drastic increase in your bill and can't account for the change? You may have an active leak.

6. Damp or Musty Odors

Have you noticed a damp smell or musty odor in your home? This is often another sign of water damage and is usually the strongest around the area where the water damage occurred.

7. Mold

Mold can grow on almost any surface in your home that remains wet or in an area with excess moisture within 48-72 hours.

If you think that your South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County home has a leak or signs of water damage, your local SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help. Our highly trained technicians can mitigate and dry out the excess moisture quickly before the structural integrity of your home becomes at risk for secondary damages and mold growth. Acting quickly and avoiding any delays when dealing with water damage and excess moisture not only save your home's structural integrity but lessens the amount of time needed to get your home back to normal, but the timely response can also aid in keeping overall costs down. Call us at 904-290-4040 to schedule a FREE estimate, or for emergency services 24/7/365!

Do You Know What Category of Water Damage You Are Experiencing?

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Graphic depicting the 3 categories of a water loss At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we are ready to respond to your emergency water loss 24/7/365!

Earlier this week we received a call from a local property manager regarding sewage backup in one of their condominium communities. The backup affected 2 bathrooms and spread to the connected bedrooms in both of the affected 2 neighboring units. We were able to send an emergency crew to begin the extraction so the demo and drying process could begin. Water damage is one of the most common damages that occur in residential and commercial properties, so there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to water damage, one being the category of water damage. Since this was a sewage loss, this job was categorized as a category 3 loss. Keep reading below to uncover what the different categories of water are, and what you need to know about them. 

The IICRC defines the 3 categories of water as: 

Category 1: Sanitary "clean water" 

Category 2: Significantly contaminated "grey water"

Category 3: Grossly contaminated "black water" 

The different categories of water are classified by the course of the water damage and what potential contaminates it may have come into contact with. Understanding the types of water damage and the unique water removal or water cleanup solutions that are needed to successfully clean up the job is critical in preventing secondary damages in the future. 

Category 1: Sanitary "Clean Water"

The IICRC defines a category 1 water loss as water that originates from a sanitary water source and does not pose a substantial risk. Examples of category 1 water losses are rainwater, water supply lines, toilet tanks, and toilet bowls without contaminates. Since this water is considered "clean", we can typically restore and salvage affected materials like drywall, carpet and carpet pads, and hardwood flooring. 

Category 2: Significantly Contaminated "Grey Water" 

Category 2 water is defined as water that contains significant contamination that has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if consumed. Examples of a category 2 loss could be, water from a broken fish tank/ aquarium, flooding from a dishwasher or washing machine. When a category 2 loss occurs we make sure to remove wet carpet padding and use anti-microbial to disinfect affected materials. 

Category 3: Grossly Contaminated "Black Water"

A category 3 water loss comes from water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, and other harmful agents that could cause significant reactions from consumption or contact. Examples of a category 3 loss could be sewage backups, flooding from rivers/streams, wind-driven water from heavy storms like hurricanes and tropical storms. When a category 3 loss occurs, affected materials like drywall, carpet and carpet padding, insulation, and hardwood flooring should be removed as well as using an anti-microbial spray to disinfect. 

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we know that the quick response time lessens the chances for secondary damages. That is why our emergency crews are ready to act fast and start the restoration process. We have been serving Clay County and surrounding North Bradford County since 2019 for water and fire damage restoration, mold mitigation as well as reconstruction. As your one-stop shop for restoration and reconstruction needs after a loss, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is ready to make it "Like it never even happened." Call us today to schedule a free estimate or 24/7 for emergency situations at 904-290-4040

Water Damage Timeline: Why You Must Act ASAP

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Water damage timeline graphic, flooded living room showing damages as time progresses The longer the damage sits, the worse it gets! Don't hesitate, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help!

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we can not stress enough how important it is to address any water damage loss in your Clay and North Bradford County home or business as quickly as possible. 

Each water damage loss should be treated as an emergency due to the fact that the longer the water sits, the more damage it can cause as water is especially invasive and can quickly spread through your home quickly. The longer that the damage sits, the worse that the damage gets. The following timeline shows how important fast water damage cleanup is and why you should act fast. 

Immediately After Water Damage

Within minutes of a water loss, water will begin to spread quickly, saturating whatever it comes into contact with. Porous materials like drywall, wood, insulation, fabric/upholstery will begin to absorb water.

24 Hours After Water Damage 

After the water has been sitting for 24 hours, upholstery and carpet will become heavy, and sodden from water saturation, drywall, insulation, and other structural materials will begin to swell and bow. Wood maybe begin to warp, colors and dyes will begin to bleed from fabrics, paper goods will no longer be salvageable and mold growth will become a concern. 

48 Hours After Water Damage 

After 48 hours, mold spores can continue to spread throughout the property and may even begin to be visible on surfaces. Wood will continue to warp and bend due to the excess moisture. Metal objects will begin to corrode and rust, and drywall, insulation, carpet padding, and other textile goods will begin to show major signs of deterioration and may no longer be salvageable. 

One Week After Water Damage 

One week after a water loss occurs, restoration costs and procedures will be significantly increased because now structural damages are a major concern. A structural rebuild will be necessary in order to restore the property to preloss condition as cracking, buckling, breaking, peeling, bending and other signs of determination will likely be visible on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Few if any items in the exposed area will be salvable, most will have sustained too much damage by this point and will need to be disposed of.  Mold is now a problem of its own, as it has likely spread throughout the property, not just the area that sustained water damage. 

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help and ready to respond to emergency water damage situations 24/7/365 because we know how important it is that when water damage occurs, that it gets cleaned up as soon as possible! Our IICRC trained technicians have the expertise and equipment to act quickly to restore your property to preloss condition. Don't wait, call us today at 904-290-4040

Why Water Damage Restoration is Important

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photo of water pooling out under a door as a result of a water loss/ leak Leaving a leak or water loss event will cause more damage down the line. Don't wait, call your local SERVPRO profesioals today, 904-290-4040!

If you are experiencing water damage in your home, it is crucial to seek restoration services as quickly as possible. We know you may want to wait and see how bad the damage is before calling someone in, but the longer you wait and the longer the damage sits, the more damaging to your property it will be. 

Keep reading for more reasons as to why you should call in a professional as soon as possible when you experience flooding, major leaks, or any form of water damage. 

Why You Should Seek Water Damage Restoration as Quickly as Possible

1. Prevent Mold Development

After your home has been exposed to excess water due to flooding or leaks, microbial growth can begin to develop within 48-72 hours, which could potentially cause health effects. Mold develops on porous surfaces such as drywall, ceiling tiles, upholstery, carpet and carpet padding, and also wood materials. These items need to be thoroughly dried to reduced the chance of microbial growth due to excess moisture. 

2. Preserve as Much Property as Possible

One of the main goals of water damage restoration is preservation. Professionals use special tools and techniques, including pumping and vacuuming out excess water, then drying and dehumidifying any absorbent surfaces. With this approach, remediation teams will aim to preserve as much of your property as possible. However, some items, such as shelves, clothing, ductwork, and drapery, may need to be replaced, depending on the level of damage present.

3. Minimize Future Issues

Prompt response and dry-out services help reduce the odds of experiencing future issues. When water is absorbed, it can weaken wood structures and walls, potentially leading to cracks in the concrete foundation. Removing the water and excess moisture from your home and surfaces will help prevent widespread damage from occurring in your home later down the line. 

If you are experiencing water damage and are in need of restoration services, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is ready to respond 24/7/365. Locally owned and operated, we have been helping residents of Fleming Island and surrounding Clay County areas with quick assistance to water loss events. In addition to water damage restoration, we also specialize in fire damage restoration, mold mitigation, storm response, and a variety of professional deep cleaning services. Call us at 904-290-4040 for more information or to schedule a free estimate! 

SERVPRO Responds to Emergency Water Damage Loss With Video

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SERVPRO equipment in action SERVPRO's superior equipment in action! We are the industries' leader in Restoration and Cleanup, call today for a free estimate! (904) 290-4040

Follow the link below to a short video demonstrating work being performed in a water-damaged house in Clay County. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County has the edge on the rest of the market with technologically superior tools readily available to make it "Like it never even happened." In a water damage emergency give us a call, we are only minutes away!

Drying equipment in action and in tight space's!

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County proudly provides a variety of cleaning and restoration services throughout the Florida area. Whether it’s a professional carpet cleaning, water extraction, or fire damage repairs, they specialize in restoring disasters and are committed to helping return homes and businesses to original form.

Call (904) 290-4040 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook page for a comprehensive breakdown of their services.

We love helping local businesses!

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meter checking water readings on wet carpet SERVPRO of South Fleming Island is here to help local businesses 24/7/365!

When disaster strikes, we at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County are here to help, day or night, 24/7/365!

This week, our local BNI partner called us when his facility had water running in through the ceiling in two sections of the building, due to the heavy storms that came through that day. We sprung into action, offering him a free assessment to see how we could help him keep his business open with limited disruptions! 

We love being able to help out our BNI partners and local businesses. No job is too big or too small!

As soon as you suspect or know that you have water damage, call us at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County for a free estimate at 904-290-4040. Our team are experts in water damage restoration and are here to help you fix whatever problem you have "Like it never even happened." 

3 Side effects of Water Damage in your home

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Tightening a leaking pipe SERVPRO of South Fleming Island is here to help 24/7/365. We specialize in making it "Like it never even happened." Call today at (904) 290-4040

Water Damage is more than a minor inconvenience. When moisture seeps into your home, it can lead to serious consequences that extend beyond obvious surface problems. Many issues may require professional water extraction and remediation to keep your living space safe and sanitary. Here are three common side effects that may develop.

1. Mold Formation

It takes a day or two for mold to grow and thrive on a damp surface. Once it proliferates, it can easily grow on floors, drywall, wallpaper, tiles, insulation, and fabrics, leaving your home vulnerable to damage. Mold can cause health effects.

2. Pest Outbreaks

Insects and pests are especially attracted to moist environments. Mosquitoes, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and beetles are drawn to water. Some can even cause greater damage in a home by gnawing on soft, damaged wood and weakening compromised areas. Quick attention to the problem can help reduce the likelihood of outbreaks.

3. Structural Problems 

If water lingers in a space, your home will experience some loss of structural integrity. For example, moisture can seep deeply into drywall and cause visible stains. It can also soften the wall's material and cause it to collapse. Walls can swell and become warped, while others may develop small air bubbles. Extensive damage can even affect critical supportive structures, like load-bearing walls and beams. 

Coping with water damage on your own can be difficult. If you need help, contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County. These experienced mold remediation and water extraction professionals specialize in emergency cleaning services. Visit them online to learn more about water damage repair, or call (904) 290-4040 to ask any questions.

5 Ways to Protect Your Business From Flood Damage

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Street flooding SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is here to help when you need us most. We specialize in making it "Like it never even happened."

Storms can easily bring floodwaters to your doorstep. However, floods can also occur due to a minor plumbing leak in your building. It's vital to prepare for these possibilities and take steps to prevent water damage. Use the following guide to learn more about how you can keep your business safe. 

How to Protect Your Commercial Building From Water Damage

1. Maintain Your Plumbing

Plumbing leaks, clogs, and backups can quickly flood your business, so regular maintenance is essential. Have your plumbing inspected by a professional at least once a year to ensure you don't have leaks, problems with valves, or corrosion forming. Follow best practices for maintaining your plumbing, including only flushing waste and toilet paper and not putting oils or grease down the drain.

2. Landscape with Native Plants 

Surround your commercial building with native plants and vegetation to reduce soil erosion. If there's a leak in your outdoor plumbing, the soil will be able to absorb the water. If there's a flood, the soil will cause the water to recede faster, reducing your building's exposure to water. 

3. Invest in Water Barriers 

Sandbags and tarps can help divert water away from your building. Keep a supply on hand in case of an emergency. Watertight shields over windows and doors can also keep floodwaters out. These barriers should be installed on any openings located at or below the Base Flood Level (BFE) for your building. You can identify your building's BFE using a FEMA flood map

4. Use Water-Resistant Materials 

Use water-resistant flooring, furnishings, insulation, and wall coverings in your commercial building. These materials can typically withstand exposure to water for up to 72 hours before sustaining damage. This timeframe will allow you to schedule emergency cleaning services.

5. Seal Cracks 

Water will find any entry point, including through small cracks. Regularly inspect your building for cracks in the walls, windows, and foundation. Seal any openings with a waterproof sealant. However, if there is significant deterioration in these areas, they may need to be reconstructed.

If your business has sustained water damage from a flood or plumbing problem, turn to SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County. These trusted restoration and cleaning experts have provided fast and reliable restoration services since 1967. Learn more about their services by visiting them online or call (904) 290-4040 to speak with a representative.

The science behind the drying!

11/20/2020 (Permalink)

Targeted drying methof by SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County! There are many ways to dry out a structure effected by water damage. At SERVPRO of South Fleming, we always use the best method for our customers!

We often get asked - is it dry yet? Or will you be removing the equipment today? 

There is a science to structural drying and we do not guess, or go by what a certain material may look or feel like. We establish a dry standard and take readings to ensure it is met before any of our equipment is removed. 

We prepared a short video to illustrate what a drywall reading may look like with a non-penetrating meter. 

Moisture readings Video

We work with our local residence when they are facing fire, water, and mold, emergencies.   If you are facing one of these issues, call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County at 904 290-4040!

Just reminding you, that we assist you every step of the way. From your emergency call to the last paint stroke, we help you through the entire process.

Do you want to get to know us better? Please check out our Website, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.

3 Tips On Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

Gutters overflowing with rain water Improper maintenance of your home can cause a headache down the road! Follow these tips on how to avoid having water damage your property.

Water damage and mold cost American homeowners and insurance companies more than $2.5 billion every year. It is very common, but it doesn’t have to be. Homeowners have several easy steps they can take to protect themselves and their property from leaks and flooding. Below are some of the most effective.

What Are Some Ways to Guard Your Home Against Water Damage?

1. Waterproof the Basement

Waterproofing or concrete sealing is a process in which a protective coating is applied to concrete slabs and cinder blocks to make it less porous. It keeps moisture from seeping into your living space from outdoors. This should prevent most water damage from occurring, but also consider installing a sump pump to remove any moisture that does make it inside, including from pipe leaks and drain backups. 

2. Clean Your Gutters

Rain gutters clog easily by collecting leaves, twigs, dirt, and other organic debris. When this happens, the troughs overflow instead of directing rainwater away from the house. This results in puddling around the foundation, through which moisture can seep, enter your lowest level, and damage furniture, carpeting, drywall, and other items you keep there. To prevent overflows, clean the troughs and downspouts of your gutter system twice a year: once in spring and once in fall. 

3. Monitor Water Bills and Use

Hidden leaks can cause untold amounts of damage before you even know they exist. Therefore, it's a good idea to monitor your water bills and usage statements. If your bill and water usage should increase sharply without explanation, it could indicate a leak in your plumbing system. Contact a plumber for an inspection, or you may soon notice mold growth, musty smells, stains in your drywall, peeling wallpaper, and other signs of water damage.

If your home has suffered water damage, contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County in Florida. They serve Clay and Bradford County and the surrounding areas, specializing in water extraction, biohazard cleanup, mold remediation, fire and storm damage remediation, and other emergency cleaning services. Learn more about them on their website and their YouTube channel or call (904) 290-4040 for water damage cleanup.

Proper equipment for proper results

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SERVPRO 18 wheelers SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is ready 24/7 to help make it "Like it never even happened." (904) 290-4040

Its important to use the right equipment, SERVPRO understands that using the proper equipment makes a measurable difference in reducing  claims loss expense. When time matters, technology and equipment must be counted on to perform. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County will answer your call with fast action, exceptional equipment, and trained, uniformed personnel. Certainly, the right tool for the job is vital to timely mitigation, but perhaps more important, these water damage professionals thoroughly understand how to dry a structure and personal property effectively. 

With Water damage jobs, we use extraction equipment, air moving equipment, and dehumidification equipment. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology only and we stay updated on the best practices and techniques by SERVPRO and IICRC training. 

We can be reached at (904) 290-4040 24 / 7 for water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and other emergency property damage situations. 

Call us for a free estimate at (904) 290-4040

A Guide to Water Damage Extraction Process

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Water extraction in progress Call your local cleanup and restoration experts water, fire, mold damage and more! (904) 290-4040!!

If your home has extensive moisture damage, you may need professional water extraction. This critical service can remove water from flooded areas, such as your attic, and prevent mold growth by removing moisture. Here is some insight into the extraction process so you know what to expect if you have flooding issues.

What Is This Process Like?

When buildings flood with water or liquid waste, restoration crews use extraction techniques to remove the fluid quickly. Extraction often involves suction to vacuum up the liquid followed by other drying techniques to remove moisture from every material in the home, from flooring to walls.

How Does It Work?

First, the water extraction company will locate and stop the source of the leak or waste. Then, they’ll inspect the area looking for safety hazards like electricity and asbestos before making a customized restoration plan. They’ll bring specialized machines and safety equipment such as hazardous materials suits to protect their team while restoring the home.

Many companies use submersible pumps to reach beneath the surface of the water or waste and remove most of the standing liquid. Then, they use industrial vacuums to go over every inch of flooring and remove fluid that is buried in the carpets. These professionals also use cleaning methods with steam and chemicals to kill bacteria that may make your family ill, like salmonella and E. Coli.

Finally, they’ll bring in industrial fans and dehumidifiers to suck moisture out of the air. The contractors will use innovative instruments to assess moisture levels in the building materials to ensure the floor, walls, and ceilings have normal humidity levels, and the house is safe to inhabit.

What Are Its Benefits?

Mold can grow 24 hours after a flood, so it's important to be prompt in calling us to get us on-site ASAP.

Standing water can soak through the walls, weaken the flooring, destroy carpets, and create high humidity levels, so it’s essential to call water remediation experts immediately to save your house.

If you need water extraction due to a leak or storm damage, contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County in Fleming Island, FL. The specialty cleaner tackles big and small jobs thanks to its top-quality tools and extensive preservation and safety training. Call the water extraction and storm damage experts at (904) 290-4040 or visit them online for information on their services, including emergency cleaning, fire damage repair, and mold remediation.

Emergency Water Damage Process Overview

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SERVPRO Water process overview Call 904 290-4040 for emergency water removal / damage!! SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County we follow and strictly enforce corporate guidelines or expectations regarding our 1-4-8 policy. 

One Hour: Within an hour of loss notification, (at our franchise we strive to be on site within the hour notice), a SERVPRO professional will contact you to arrange for service. 

Four Hours: Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO professional will be on site to start mitigation services. The key to reducing damage and saving money is responding quickly to your damage. (This is why we strive to be on site to begin services as quickly as humanly possible

Detailed Explanation: A trained, uniformed and equipped SERVPRO professional will walk you through the job process step-by-step, explaining what to expect and the anticipated outcome. 

Pretesting: A SERVPRO professional will begin pretesting for restorability, working from the source of the damage outward.

Eight Hours: Within Eight hours of onsite arrival, a verbal breifing of the scope will be communicated to the appropriate person(s), normally your adjuster or property manager. 

Cleaning and Restoration: SERVPRO professionals will work neatly and efficiently to help you regain control of your property when a damaging event has taken over. We will use state-of-the-art equipment and restoration techniques to ensure your property is taken care of right the first time. 

Final Walk-through: After the work has been completed, a final walk-through will be conducted with you to help ensure your satisfaction! 

To schedule a free estimate, call us at (904) 290-4040!

When water damage strikes, we strike back!

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Extracting water from the floor 24/7/365 We're here to help! 904-290-4040

SERVPRO has been serving America since it's humble beginning in 1967. 

SERVPRO started out as a painting business but in 1969, we switched gears and started offering carpet cleanings and restoration services! Fast-forward to 2020 and we're the restoration and cleanup company you know and trust! Our franchise is proud to be part of SERVPRO's evolving history. 

With SERVPRO's nationwide network, we're able to leverage resources from the other 1,700 franchises if needed. This allows us to perform any size job, no job is too big (or too small) for SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County, providing premier fire, water and mold damage restoration for Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Starke, Penney Farms, Lawtey, Brooker, Grandin and the surrounding area. Call us today for a free estimate! 904-290-4040!

Lower recovery costs

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SERVPRO water damage restoration experts Call (904) 290-4040 for professional water damage restoration and mitigation!

The SERVPRO system helps you save money.

  1. Our rapid response procedure provides all of our customers with ensuring timely mitigation services. We follow guidelines set by corporate to help make the job as timely and efficient as possible. 
  2. Proper restoration versus replacement costs of contents is less expensive.  Our professional's at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County strive to restore items to preloss condition. This helps lower mitigation and restoration costs while allowing treasured belongings to be salvaged when possible. 
  3. Faster recovery lessens damage loss. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County professionals are nearby, ready to respond quickly. The faster the restoration begins, the quicker our customers can return to business.
  4. Pre-Approved pricing and procedures. We work neatly and efficiently to help you regain control of your property when a damage event has taken over. We use state-of-the-art restoration techniques to help ensure the property is taken care of right the first time.
  5. Comprehensive cleanup and restoration services help prevent future problems and potential liability risks. By quickly and thoroughly drying a structure, we can help minimize potential indoor air quality issues that can develop over time due to the presence of undetected moisture. 

National Leader in Storm Response

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SERVPRO Large Loss Response Team SERVPRO Large Loss Response Team

In the event of a major catastrophe, the SERVPRO franchise system has a nationwide Large Loss Response Team comprised of trained and equipped professionals capable of responding to your facility. While most systems have a waiting list, you get priority service with SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County.  

Each of SERVPRO's over 1700 nationwide franchises is independently owned and operated by trained professionals committed to providing the highest level of emergency cleanup and restoration services and customer satisfaction. What this means to you, the commercial property owner or manager, is that should fire, water or mold damage occur in one of your local facilities or a facility across the country, a SERVPRO Franchise Professional will provide quality professional service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Choose The Industry Leaders When Disaster Strikes

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Disasters happen every single day. They can strike without warning to anybody, anywhere, and at any time. The initial devastation of a flood, fire, or storm can be overwhelming. But there are lingering effects, too, such as water damage, mold, or soot contamination. That’s why emergency cleaning services are so essential after a disaster.

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County in Florida has been helping families recover from disasters since 1967. They’ve witnessed first-hand the havoc that fires, floods, and other disasters can wreck on residences and businesses. But they also have the expertise to mitigate the damage and restore your home.

Floods and water damage can leave your place a mess; however, tidying things up is only part of the problem. To avoid mold damage—caused by excessive moisture exposure—it is essential to have your place cleaned by a team of professionals. 

Mold contamination is certain following water damage, though it can go undetected for years. It poses significant health risks to your family, as well as a long-term hazard to your property and its value. A professional emergency cleaning service has the expertise and equipment to mitigate mold damage.

Likewise, recovering from a fire poses numerous challenges as well. Smoke contamination can make a residence uninhabitable. Scrubbing walls and removing soot and ash is a job best handled by highly trained teams with the latest emergency cleaning service equipment.

Surviving a disaster is physically and emotionally draining. The post-disaster cleanup phase can be incredibly demanding too. It’s a job best left to the professionals who have the experience, know-how, and tools to get it done right. To learn more about emergency cleaning services, please call SERVPRO. You can reach us 24/7/365 at (904) 290-4040!!!

Three reasons to hire a carpet cleaning professional for water damage removal

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Male performing water damage removal (904) 290-4040 - 24/7!!!

Flood and water damage can quickly ruin carpeting, and while there are home remedies, most only slow the problem rather than fixing it. To truly resolve the issue, it’s best to bring in a professional. An expert carpet cleaning company will address water-related issues that rental and store-bought tools simply can’t. They will not only return your carpet to its original form but also ensure that it stays there. If you’ve suffered flood or water damage, consider the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning below.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

1. Experience

Water removal isn’t an easy process. It requires care and attention to ensure that the padding below carpet, as well as the flooring, is also fixed. It’s more than just cleaning the fibers, which is why you should always turn to experienced professionals. They work in several different scenarios and tackle a variety of issues, ensuring they have the knowledge to complete the job successfully.

2. Equipment

Renting professional carpet cleaning equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, and in many cases, it isn’t effective because homeowners don’t know how to properly use it. Professionals bring industry-leading equipment with them to the job and know how to use it safely and effectively to achieve the best results.

3. Mold Prevention

Clean carpets aren’t the end of the problem. In many cases, water that seeps through can later cause mold to form. Letting it go can have costly health and financial consequences. A professional carpet cleaning service will know how to safely handle existing mold and prevent it from growing in the future.

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County proudly provides a variety of cleaning and restoration services throughout the Florida area. Call them at (904) 290-4040!